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Filing bankruptcy cases in Missouri & Kansas to help debtors eliminate debt, stop garnishments, repossessions & foreclosures & review your second mortgage & back taxes as bankruptcy may help you manage or eliminate those debts.


My staff and I believe that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about bankruptcy the more power you will have to regain financial control.


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Rachel Foley began her bankruptcy career...

with the United Auto Workers representing GM and Ford employees in Chapter 13 and 7’s.  Rachel was the only bankruptcy attorney for the Missouri auto workers and it was not unusual for her to manage 3 – 4 times the regular attorney caseload at any given time.  This provided a vast array of case scenarios, experience and knowledge that Rachel continues to pull from today.  Where ever the client was located, the Union ensured the auto worker would have representation, including but not limited to being incarcerated in Leavenworth Federal Prison.  Where ever that client was located, Rachel made sure they received the very best level of bankruptcy representation.



In addition to her training through the UAW, Rachel’s background as a Risk Manager for Clarkson Regional Health Center and 20 years’ experience in the emergency room as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, makes her uniquely qualified to argue a variety of cases.


Rachel has been recognized for her constant commitment to the representation of debtors.  Rachel is the inaugural winner of the K. Colleen Nunnelly Award by the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and recognized by her peers as being the Best of the Kansas City Bar in the area of bankruptcy.  These recognitions are in addition to being named to the Pro Bono Wall of Fame by the Missouri Bar Association.


As a result of Rachel focusing her attention to the area of consumer bankruptcy representation, she is called upon to speak nationally and locally regarding consumer bankruptcy.  Currently, Rachel is a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, the American Bankruptcy Institute, the Kansas City Bankruptcy Bar Association, the Kansas City Metro Bar Association and the International Women's Restructuring and Insolvency Confederation.


You can read Rachel’s national blog posts on the Bankruptcy Law Network here www.bankruptcylawnetwork.com.