Total Failure to Feeling Hopeful


"I never thought that I would find myself in a place where I would need a bankruptcy attorney...I was raised to believe that failure was not an option and that taking care of one's personal business matters was of the upmost importance....and then I started my own company and my world came tumbling down. I made horrific choices in business partners and found myself in a hole that I wasn't sure I could climb out of. After working with three attorneys from another law firm, it was recommended that I file for bankruptcy. They recommended the Rachel Foley Law Firm and I could not be happier that they did.


"I went from feeling like a total failure and a lost soul to feeling hopeful again, all because of Rachel and her staff. I realize that I am speaking about my feelings and not about the expertise needed to guide one through bankruptcy, but here is why; Rachel's firm not only provides EXCEPTIONAL professional guidance, knowledge and service in regard to working through a case, particularly one like mine that involved dealings with company issues and business partners, but her firm also is exceptional in the human components of bankruptcy.


"I went from being a lifetime executive professional to a blithering, weak, depressed individual in a matter of a month before I was led to Rachel. One meeting with her and her staff, subsequent follow up meetings, filing my bankruptcy and then having the 341 creditor's meeting and one month later I feel like I am human again.....all because of Rachel and Barb.


"If you are looking for an exceptional attorney that is highly knowledgeable in her field, current on bankruptcy law, involved in all aspects of her legal profession, yet personal, professional and caring, you cannot get any better than the Rachel Foley Law Firm."


Read for yourself why our clients give us such high remarks. We hope we can add your testimonial to the list.


"I had the great blessing of the Foley Law office helping me."


~ LJ

Sept. 2013

I Chose the Right Attorney


"Nobody likes to be in financial trouble, especially when those financial troubles lead to having to file bankruptcy. The thought of bankruptcy just didn't sit well with me and my pride took a big hit knowing that was the path I had to take in order to find relief. Filing bankruptcy for me meant that I had failed managing my finances. In my case, I made too many bad financial decisions and yes I did try multiple things to try to dig myself out, but every attempt failed. So, my last resort was to file bankruptcy or at least see if this was an option for me. I spoke with a number of different attorneys and chose to have Rachel Foley represent me in this very bad time of my life. Let me ask you a question. Would you go to an E.N.T to have cancer treated? No probably not. So why would you go to just any attorney to represent you in a matter that affects you for years to come? Choose the right attorney that will help you with your financial cancer. I am glad I chose Rachel Foley as she was very compassionate and helped me through the entire process. Rachel and her staff were always pleasant to work with and were very diligent in getting any questions answer or concerns addressed. If bankruptcy is your last resort I highly recommend Rachel Foley?s office to represent you in your bankruptcy case. Upon my discharge, I had an exitinterview with Rachel and she and her staff congratulated me in seeing it through and made me feel good about myself knowing the case discharged. In fact, she is still my attorney on file and will assist me with issues that might arise even after my bankruptcy has been discharged relating to the bankruptcy case of course."


Looking Forward to a Fresh Start


"Thanks also for all the help over the last several years. I hear the stats on people actually completing their Chapter 13 and doesn't sound good. I am glad that I am getting close to fufilling these requirements on my end and looking forward to a fresh start."

Rachel is Courteous and Polite


"Rachel was as courteous and polite as possible. I know I was in good hands. They helped me through the entire process from beginning to end. I thanked God for them. I found this attorney by myself. There wasn?t much help in finding an attorney."

Luckily for Me I Had Great Attorneys


"Thanks to Barb & Rachel for steering us through this mess. The reminders and next steps to take were especially helpful. The principles of the company that sued me got a judgment in a Jackson County Court and are now in prison for grand theft. I will never forget the obvious collusion between the courts and these thieves. Luckily for me I had GREAT attorneys. The situation could have been much worse. Thank you!!"

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How You've Helped Me!


"How you've helped me!  You may not remember me now, but you helped me with a Loan modification while I we were going through a bankruptcy.  We got the Loan Modification out of bankruptcy and things are going fine now. Just wanted to thank you again."