By Rachel Lynn Foley, Esq.

June 23, 2012 

What Would You Do?

I have been watching...


USA’s Necessary Roughness.  It is about a therapist, Dr. DaniSantino, who works with athletes who freeze up from one conflict or another. The current story line is dealing with a football player who can no longer do his job effectively due to panic attacks.  Dr. Santino asksT.K. “What would you do if this was the last game of your career?”  His reply was he would leave it all out on the field.  Meaning he would overcome his fears and play to his full potential.  This is a philosophy we should use when facing the game of life or your financial game.


When people are at the point of considering bankruptcy it is generally because they view bankruptcy as their last chance to survive.  They are often paralyzed by the fear of the unknown and do not know where to turn.  The unknown of what their rights are, the unknown of who is on the other end of the phone when it rings and the unknown of what lies in the unopened mail.


Dr. D has two other quotes that I think are appropriate in this setting.  “The minefields of life never go away; we just get better at navigating them.” and “If you don’t go there, then you will be stuck here.”  The advice that is provided in the show is overseen by a real life therapist Donna Dannenfelser.   Reality Television is far from reality and it can warp the view of how we view our own lives. So it is refreshing for a show to actually delve into the fears and experiences of everyday people.


The true reality is when you think of debt as a minefield, it is never going to go away forever.  There will always be debt in your future but how are you going to navigate these minefields?  Are you just going to hide and hope you don’t step on the minefields and explode or will you obtain the tools to safely navigate a path?  What about “If you don’t go there, then you will be stuck there?”  For me this means that if you don’t take a look at your spending behaviors and your current debt level how are you ever going to gain financial control?  If you have tried avoiding it, how has that worked for you?  I am guessing not too well.  Avoidance either way only leads to sleepless nights, panic attacks, stress with family and friends, not to mention health complications.


So if today was the last game in your financial career, what would you do?  Would you leave it all out on the field or would you let your fear continue to paralyze you?


Step up and leave it all out on the field and see if bankruptcy can help you get your financial game back on track.  There are many like you, who were paralyzed by fear but discovered that their fears were unfounded when they visited with a licensed bankruptcy attorney. They learned what bankruptcy could and could not do.  Most of all they no longer had the fear of the unknown.  They mapped out their minefields so they could navigate their way back to financial control.  Is it easy?  Not necessarily.  Is it quick?  Not necessarily?  Is it better to know what the facts are?  Hands down, yes!


Remember that knowledge is power.  The more knowledge about bankruptcy you have the more power you will have to get off the sidelines of your life and get back in the game today!