Tip: Adopt A Royals' Attitude

Bankruptcy Survival By Adopting A Royal's Attitude.


Bankruptcy and baseball?  Really, come on now! What do the two have in common?  The key ingredient to success in both scenarios is ATTITUDE!

Let's review the 8th inning of Game 4 of the ALDS game between the Kansas City Royals and the Houston Astros.  Everyone counted the Royals out of the series, including a staffer for the Governor of Texas.  The Royals had a choice at this point to call it a day and accept the criticism that they just did not have what it takes to win OR they could continue to believe in themselves and grind it out.

Grind it out they did.  Top of the 8th, six outs, end the 2015 season and trailing 6-2.  The Royals loaded the bases, not by hitting homeruns but by grinding out base hits.  Then, Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer were able to issue runs and batted in (RBIs) through base hits. Kendrys Morales was able to grind a little further and put two more runs on the board.  Alex Gordon finished grinding the inning out, by placing the 5th run on the board.  Top of the 9th, and Eric Hosmer had the choice to be satisfied with the 6-7 lead,  OR he could dig a
little deeper and grind a little harder.

Thankfully, Hosmer never shrinks from a challenge.  His efforts put two home runs on the board in the 9th, closing out the 4th game of the 2015 ALDS, with the Royals winning the game by 2 runs.

Great game, but what does that have to do with filing bankruptcy? One's ATTITUDE has everything to do with whether your case is going to be a success or not.  Are you thinking bankruptcy is the end of your financial life, or is bankruptcy your chance to get your financial house in order?

Filing bankruptcy does not mean you have lost in this game called life.  Rather, this means you are taking a moment to analyze, breathe, and grind through the bankruptcy process.

Yes, it may be painful gathering all the documents required to file, but you want to protect all your assets instead of turning them over to your trustee.  Yes, it may be painful and embarrassing to see how many times Starbucks or McDonald's appear on your bank statement, but we must identify your money leaks to plug the holes in your budget. Yes, it may be embarrassing if you see someone you know at court, but they are there to get a fresh start just like you.  But as painful as what you perceive the bankruptcy process to be, only you can make the decision to dig down deep, step up to the plate and hit a financial home run.

Remember---knowledge is power.  The more knowledge you have about the bankruptcy process, the more power you will have to grind out a fresh start!


By Rachel Lynn Foley, Esq.

October 15, 2015